This subliminal will turn you into a sissy. it will also make you look and feel like a girl while still being male.

You can buy a specific subliminal from me that is perfectly tailored to what you want. They cost $49.99. Just email me at subliminalsuperheroinit@gmail.com with the specifics of what you want. We shall arrange payment via paypal in a follow up email and then I will send you a high quality subliminal audio or video or both depending on your preference to change exactly what you want.

All subliminals can be downloaded. That’s fine.
The time it takes for your results will vary from person to person.
Listen for about an hour a day.
Headphones are optional.
Listen quietly enough so you cant hear the affirmations.
No need for a booster or any additional videos. All that stuff is included in every video.


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