🔮 See Yourself As FEMALE Temporarily – Binaural FEMALE BODY MtF Hypnosis – Become A WOMAN 🔮

🔮 Listen while meditating or in already a relaxed hypnotized state for best, fastest results!!

🔮 This video is a version of our other female hypnosis that will make you see your body as female, while your mind will still be male. The effects are only TEMPORARY, and will start fading away as soon as you stop listening. If you’d like to also feel like a woman does in her mind, you can watch my other MtF hypnosis after this!

🔮 While this makes you see your own body as more feminine, nobody else will be able to see it. Keep this in mind! You might also feel like you are female physically if you get hypnotized easily, and if you start feeling pain it might be your brain thinking it’s “that time of the month”. If this happens, we’d advice to stop listening, unless you want to experience it anyway ; )

🔮 Works best and fastest with headphones and no background noise! You don’t need them necessarily, but your results will be much slower and weaker.

🔮 If you’d like to see more, leave a comment with your ideas! It will take a while for us to find the right kinds of beats and frequencies, so don’t be upset if you don’t see your request uploaded soon.

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