10 Strange Things Spotted By Airline Passengers

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Many people consider a plane a safe space—and for good reason. Statistically, it’s safer to travel in a plane than it is to travel in a car, bus, train, or in virtually any other means of transportation. This is because, besides the weather—which is tracked meticulously, there aren’t a lot of things in the sky that can hurt a plane. Planes are giant, durable, and move faster than any sky creature can hope to go. At least that’s what we think when we travel in a plane. However, enough strange phenomena have been spotted from the circular windows of a plane to make even the most stringent skeptics a little flight-queasy. UFOs are commonly sighted by pilots and passengers alike, and some pretty convincing footage has been captured of moving objects that defy explanation, one of which you’ll see in this video. Of course, natural phenomena can also freak out passengers, and these actually have proven explanations. We’ll show you wildfires and volcano eruptions, which were seen by airline passengers when the ash and smoke reached as high as the plane itself. And last but not least, a manmade structure, even faster than the plane, was once seen by passengers as it launched into space. This was Space Shuttle Endeavor, which was caught on video shooting past dumbstruck passengers. These are just the astonishing things spotted outside an airplane, but we haven’t even begun to talk about the creepy things spotted INSIDE an airplane. These include snakes, scorpions, spiders, and all the ridiculous things you would never expect to find in the sky. Join us as we show you all of this and more. Watch at your own risk.

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