Enjoy these unusual riddles and picture puzzles that will play crazy mind tricks on you, spinning it around:

00:14 – Short puzzles – Brain speed – Fun brain games.
Take these short puzzles or visual test to check how fast you react to changes. This depends on the ability of your brain to adapt. If you achieve Level 3 (what an average person can easily do), it means your brain is young and flexible; you’re a quick-thinker who can easily adapt to changes and doesn’t lack for creativity. I don’t know that many people who could pass Level 4, and only 2 or 3 of my friends achieved Level 5. The important thing is to clap with both your hands, otherwise the result won’t be correct. Let me know how many levels you’ve passed!
02:35 – Easy tricks – Card tricks for kids and adults to WOW your brain.
03:05 – Find the hidden words. Boss level – Riddles for kids that you’ll fail!
Hard riddles that adults fail, but kids crack without any effort! Well, some kids do fail, but not many of them. To crack these tricky riddles for kids, you’ll need to distance yourself from the picture and let your eyes just wonder around and suddenly you’ll start to see the hidden words everywhere 😮
05:11 – True or false? – Cool trivia quiz to blow your mind.
Let’s test if you let popular myths shared across TV programs and social networks play a trick on you! Take this fun trivia quiz to test your general knowledge basis and the ability to think logically and quickly. You have just a couple of seconds to decide whether it is a myth or truth. If you cope with all of them, then you’re a really cold-minded person who isn’t so easy to deceive and who always checks any information. If not, then you finally knew the truth, isn’t it great?😉
06:46 – Cool puzzles – Picture riddles to test your vision and mind.
It’s time to challenge your mind and vision with a cool puzzles or better say visual test! Use it as a warm-up for your mind before a long hard day to gently wake up your brain and make it think! If you fail to solve the puzzle (the complexity increases from level to level), just relax and wait for the answers to be revealed.
08:18 – Fun trivia.
This fun trivia might not make you a star, but at least you won’t have any bad picture anymore! Following these simple rules, you’ll be able to highlight your best features and always look good in a photo. I wish I could have such a guide at prom! Let me know which tips you think to be the best and which you prefer not to use!
10:13 – Cool optical illusions to play mind tricks on you.
12:36 – Math puzzle – Easy riddle.
This easy riddle will bring joy to your brain, because it’s easy and tricky at the same time! You’ll see at least 5 numbers right away, but there are 10 numbers! Only a genius can spot all 10 numbers right away! Can you?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last tricky riddle: how many and what numbers do you see? (hint: more than 5!)

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