5 MINDBLOWING Tricks To Impress Your Friends!

You don’t have to tell me…we all have a certain way our friends regard us. There is a certain standard that you have to maintain when in their company. Some of us are held in high esteem while others…not so much. Well my friend, there’s a way you can redeem your not so good standing…by using tricks. And I am not talking run-of-the mill magic tricks. These are tricks that you are sure will work for you any time of the day. And did I say they are simple? Well, prepared to be amazed by these 5 MINDBLOWING Tricks To Impress Your Friends! Ready? Well, lets begin!

1. Instant Freeze Trick

All of you who are into science, you can use this one to seem smart before your friends, especially on a hot day. Place a bottle of pure or distilled water into the freezer for an hour or two. Take it out and give the bottle a hard and strong whack. Note that I said a strong whack. Very important. You’ll see the water freeze right before your eyes…Magic?…Nope…that’s science. Impressive huh?

2. Climbing a Ring Trick

This one may require some theatrics for effect. Grab a key ring or even a ring off someone’s finger and a rubber band. Break the rubber band and loop it through the ring before stretching the band between your hands. One side of the rubber band has to be higher up in the air than the other. The trick here is to stretch out a small portion of the rubber band and tuck the rest of the loose string into the palm of your hand. Slowly let the band out and it will appear that the ring is climbing the rubber band by itself.

3. Pre-sliced Banana Trick

This s a cool trick when eating with friends. Select a banana that is ready to eat. Find a small clean needle that is at least as long as the diameter of the banana. Locate one of the banana’s seams. Insert the needle at the starting point as you push it carefully though the skin and into the banana to the other side. Make sure not to puncture it through. Move the needle back and forth, creating a slice inside the banana. Make sure you do not rapture the entry point of the hole. When satisfied that the spot has been cut, pull the needle down, move about 0.5 inches up or down the banana along the seam and continue this process until you have gone through the whole banana. Neat huh?

4. Balancing a Coin Trick

Before you get to rolling your eyes on this one let me just say I agree with you that this trick has been done so many times such that it doesn’t look cool anymore. But what if you could balance several of these coins on top of each other? Here’s how: adjust a playing card on the tip of your finger and then balance a coin on top of that. Now give the card a flip, the playing card will take off while the coin remains on the tip of your finger. Pretty cool, right?

5. Always Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, paper scissors game may not be a game of chance as you may normally think. What if I told you there’s a way you can always win at this game? First, the names of the throws are arbitrary and inherit cultural stereotypes. Rock is the testosterone choice, mostly selected by men. On your first throw by an inexperienced male player, the best choice would be paper. Women are most likely to throw scissors. Naïve players don’t like to throw the same throw twice in a row meaning a player who throws rock will switch to something else on the next throw. It will also be important to mentally categorize your throws as winners and losers. A player who losses is likely to switch to a different throw the next time. Some copy the sign that beat them. That should give you a head start the next time you play.

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