6 Of The Best Mind Trick Videos (How To Break Your Brain With Optical Illusions)

The best tricks to play on your mind. see thing that are not real. This is how you trick your brain with optical illusions.

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6 of the best mind trick videos (how to break your brain with optical illusions) script

Hey Guys and welcome to listed
In todays video I will be looking at the 6 of the best mind trick videos some will make the room shrink and other will make images appear in front of you. And just for fun comment below what one thing you would eat for the rest of your life and follow the link below in the description to follow me on twitter. if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to listed for more weekly lists sytle videos. So lets being the top 6 of the best mind trick videos

The first video on the top 6 of the best mind trick videos we have a women staring with a gun she is in black and white and what you need to do is stare at the threes dots on her nose for 30 seconds
then after the time is up close your eyes while blinking and she will turn into colour Comment below what colour you see her as.

Next up we have a black and white smudge again stare at this photo for 30 seconds and when the Time is up close your eyes and an image will appear, comment below what you guys see.

next one is a coloured version of the past 2 again stare at the red dot in the centre of the photo for 30 seconds and at the end of it look at a wall a blink rapidly. This ones crazy.

The next three mind tricks will make your itr seem like the anything that you look at this melting look at the centre of this video for 30 seconds and when it stops look around your room
and things will be moving around.

This next one will make everything rotate around the centre of your vision. This one is pretty good look at your hands afterwards and see what happens.

The last video will make everything shrink. As like the videos before all you need to do is concentrate on the centre point to this video and after the time has ended everything will start to shrink.

Thanks for watching the 6 of the best mind trick videos and I hope you agree with me that these are pretty awesome, and as you have gotten this far then why not subscribe to listed for more list style videos. And why not follow me on twitter on the account above
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