Atlantis: Past Life Regression

* Atlantis was a Empire.
* Atlantis was a Continent alongside the European continent.
* Atlantis was a civilization/society combined both the High-Technology & Spirituality.
* The clothes Ancient Atlantean Human race wore were flowing like liquids and semi transparent, not made from common fabrics – but from something created with the inspiration of the creatures living in the deep sea and on the land.
* Everything in that Continent, including the realm of existence of lives and their culture, was laid out by gods based on people’s moral standards.
* Atlantis was disappeared due to the declined of morality of it’s people.
* Atlantis continent and it’s once glory civilization was destroyed by the Hurricane, massive tsunami, and earthquakes (violent rise and fall of the sea floor), volcano eruptions, and at last – a huge tidal wave over one hundred meters high appeared on the horizon.

Location of Atlantis continent:*/F1.large.jpg
(Bathymetric map of the North Atlantic Ocean from Modern Scientists.)

* Atlantis Civilization = Grace of Greece + Splendor of Rome + Depth of Egypt


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