Become Girly (Subliminal)

I am open to subliminal requests of all kinds~

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Have some questions? Read this FAQ first, before asking in the comments~
Q: How does this work?
A: In the music you are hearing, there are audio messages, containing affirmations.
The messages are both audible and inaudible, so that they can bypass your conscious and logical thinking.
The messages will then be absorbed by your subconscious, and will slowly be incorporated into your thinking.

Q: How do I make it work?
A: First of all, you have to the subliminal for some time. You must listen at least once every day, but the more you listen, the faster you will get results. Feel free to let the subliminal play in the background, while doing other things.
You might start to see first results within 2-4 days, however, if you stop listening to the subliminal too early, the results will most likely change back to how they were before listening.
To avoid losing your results, you will have to keep listening regularily. As a rule of thumb, your results will become permanent, when listening to the subliminal has become a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or goint to bed at a certain time.
For some subliminals, the sucess also depends on you. For example, If you were listening to a subliminal to become a professional swimmer, but you never left your room while eating chips all day, you would never become a good swimmer, no matter how long you listen. Subliminals can be a powerful tool, but it’s up to you to use your potential.

Q: What kind of requests do you accept?
A: Usually, I am open to requests of any kind. However, I am NOT going to take requests, for things that are impossible or extremely unlikely to achieve.
Before you ask for a subliminal, you should ask yourself “Could I achieve this, If I worked really hard for it” or better “Would this be possible by the laws of nature”
Have some example requests to understand what I mean:
– Become a good swimmer: I would take the request, because with training and patience, it’s possible to become a good swimmer. A subliminal would be useful.
– Become a Dragon: Not a single human was ever able to become a dragon, also dragons are supernatural creatures. Making a subliminal would be a waste of time.
– Become intelligent: With enough training and effort, even someone who might not have been born an Einstein can become intelligent. I would take the request.
– A celebrity falls in love with you: Extremely unlikely, since they probably don’t even know you exist. I would not want to waste my time with this.
– Others find you attractive: It is definetely possible to become attractive, so this would definetely be an acceptable request.
– Manifest a smartphone/pet/car/boyfriend: I’m not a Physicist, but still I know that matter cannot be created out of nothing, therefore such a subliminal would be completely useless.
These were not only requests I got, but also subliminals that I found on Youtube. Please be smart, and don’t fall for impossible subliminals, these subliminal makers are either trying to scam you for views, or completely delusional, when they tell you, that you could achieve these things.
Also, I am starting to grow tired of “Look like XY”-type requests, but I still take them, because people seem to like them. However, if there are more interesting requests, I will definetely give them a higher priority.

Q: What are these weird lines on the screen?
A: Those are visual subliminals, that I embedded into the video picture. These are the affirmations, encrypted and at low opacity. That’s why you should look at the video while listening to absorb as many affirmations as possible.

DO NOT LISTEN while operating heavy machines, driving, or doing other tasks, that require concentration.

This is a subliminal, it can NOT substitute any proffesional medical treatment!


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