Beginner Past Life Regression AND Spirit Guide Hypnosis w/ Instructions

This beginner past life regression and meeting your spirit guide track will help you first meet your guide through hypnosis and regression and then go into a past life you’ve led.

New and a beginner to the concept of past lives and spirit guides?

This is the perfect track for you. It starts with just under 4 minutes of instruction to help prepare you for meeting your spirit guide and then into a past life regression.

Like learning any new skill, anyone can use hypnosis and do a spiritual regression for meeting with their spirit guide and successfully accessing a past life, but like learning various skills, maybe not on the first attempt.

Starting at 4 minutes, the video walks the beginner explorer through a series of hypnosis deepeners to help you relax to a point where it’s easier to meet with your spirit guide and then into the past lifetime.

Included: Spirit guide meeting, spirit name, spiritual gift, lesson or purpose for this life, past life relevant to your present life.

Past life regression section:

1st scene establish who you are – gender, surroundings, place and year
2nd significant relationship. Is this a person in your present life?
3rd employment or work
4th greatest skill to bring back to your present life
4th best day
5th worst day
6th End and learning for that lifetime.

Debrief w Guide – Heal your past life and wisdom and advice for your present life and return.

The music has been re-done in 432 Hz which is a whole tone and considered deeply healing.

Whether it’s called a guardian angel, higher consciousness, your higher self or spirit guide, you can receive assistance anytime you ask.

Relax, explore the insights from this experience of meeting with you spirit guide, remembering and healing an important past life that has the power to transform your present life.

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Also, your comments are valuable as each person’s journey is unique.

The work is based on great authors and practitioners of hypnotic regression such as: Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Mary LeBay and Andy Tomlinson.

Music Credit: “Ambient Background Music 3” by Keith Anthony Holden and licensed by
Video: Close up shot of a candle burning by emiryorda and licensed by
Photos: Pixabay

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Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purposes only not as a substitute for qualified medical or psychological intervention or assistance. Do not drive or operate potentially dangerous machinery while listening.


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