Bliss – Erotic Hypnosis with Mia Croft (Teaser)

Hi there Boy, this session is a special teaser to allow you to get a taste of my (perhaps familiar) voice, and a glimpse into my world of erotic hypnosis.

If you find yourself feeling like you want more, more of my voice, more of the sensations that this session may invoke in your body. You can have more. More Bliss. More Mia.
Listen to this short session as often as you want and then, when you feel you are ready…

Lets see how good you are following instructions boy.
Email me at
with the following message as the subject:
“Mistress I want to feel BLISS”

and I will reply to your message sending you the link to the full version of BLISS.



Yes Mia: Teasing… testing your control… and denial. In an interactive session where there is absolutely no touching. Or is there?

Late Night Call: Just imagine… that you stumbled across one of those phone sex sites.. and came across Mistress Mia’s online listing. And then imagine that tonight.. you are particularly lonely and horny… so you decide to pick up your phone and put a call across to the sexy and seductive Mia. FEMDOM erotic hypnosis JOI – Interactive phone fantasy.

Relinquishment of Mind and Flesh: Have you ever fantasized about being hypnotized by a Vampire. In my Relinquishment of Mind and Flesh you take a relaxing walk under the full moon in the dark forest.

Mia’s Melting Moments: Listen in to 5 of my own sexy fantasies.
Then use my own special voting technique – engaging for you and very entertaining for me.
Which one gets you the hardest? The winning entry will get created into a full session in December.
This is an audio poll and requires a good 40 minutes of your time. Make sure you’re alone… phone off… no distractions.

Dark Desires 2: We all have dark desires. Our imagination seducing our carnal cravings in the most sensual of ways. Whether we would or wouldn’t indulge in these desires in real life, we still love to fantasize, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Perfect Obedient Plaything: Being an obedient submissive is in your nature, it’s in your blood. You simply obey your mistresses every word, in trance or not, because it’s what you want, it’s who you are.

Erotic Trigger Trance: Condition yourself with this loopable file. Building on the Bliss trigger this session involves the use of some vey wicked techniques to program your erotic response to my voice.

Mia’s Black Leather Pants:
Learn much more about how Mia’s hypnosis is going to work for you. In this session Mia explains what she’s doing and how her hypnosis is working on you.

Boot Licker by Mia Croft:
Can you resist the lure of my long shiny black leather boots? Hmm.. I didn’t think so. Go on then boy, you know what to do….

Femdom Playtime:
It’s playtime. Mistress Mia wants to tease you with her toys and see if you can be her good boy and play by her rules.

This session is a special teaser to allow you to get a taste of my (perhaps familiar) voice, and a glimpse into my world of erotic hypnosis.

Hypnotic Abduction:
In Hypnotic Abduction you are lured all too easily into trance and then hypnotically abducted by a female spy.

Doctor’s Orders 2:
Be prepared to be sedated and strapped in a contraption, on your knees, as your doctor gently and professionally performs a medical routine that involves a lot of lube, penetration, and pleasure.


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