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About Terry Stokes
For over thirty years, Terry Stokes has practiced hypnosis as a hypnotherapist, lecturer, teacher and stage performer.

During this time, he has successfully assisted thousands of people in their quest for self-improvement in such areas as health, weight, sports, education and success. In addition, his pursuit of the most fascinating phenomenon which can be produced with hypnosis, past life regression, has brought him such acclaim that his workshops on the subject attract capacity audiences.

Terry still enjoys presenting his hypnosis show purely for entertainment, which he does for over 1 million people each year throughout North America. It is probably through this medium he gains the most satisfaction. He offers huge numbers of people a chance to forget their problems for an hour or so, at the same time heighten their awareness, so that many use it to effect positive changes in their own lives.

In my 15-year association with Terry Stokes as a booking agent, personal manager, advisor and publisher, I have witnessed firsthand the growth of this extraordinary man as a performer, educator, humanitarian and leader in the field of self-motivation.

As a performer, he carries on the tradition of being the best at using hypnotism for entertainment as did his predecessors Jack Berry, Pat Collins, Dante and Ormand McGill. As an educator, he shares with thousands each year his techniques of self-influence through self-hypnosis, in the manner of friend and highly regarded contemporary Gil Boyne.

Now as he approaches the ever expanding range of possibilities for personal growth, his gifts of voice and philosophy endear him to all those who understand the awesome power of communication with the subconscious mind.



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