Domina’s Shelle Full Length Hands Free Hypnosis File

Having a HAND FREE Orgasm can be mind-blowing, mysterious, lengthy, and elusive…now cum let My erotic hypnosis play with the G-Spot inside your lil mind. My erotic mind control sounds pretty Hot, don’t you agree?

If you love the hypno fetish you are going to LOVE this…These are some of the deepest HYPNOSIS ORGASM TRANCES that I have created for you. Total HFO Hyppnosis. Can you imagine C*MMING on command…a building up of arousal until your mind and body just give up and EXPLODE in a full body orgasm from My hands free orgasm hypnosis…an explosion so erotic, so heart pumping that you will want to do it over and over again…It will feel like waking up just after having a WET DREAM under a female hypnotist control.

DON’T miss this mind blowing, POWERFUL AND EROTIC training…hands free joi…learn about giving up complete control…feeling arousal completely taking over your mind and body. Having your Domina‘s words TRIGGER your BODY into OBEDIENT erotic hypnosis hfo orgasm.

The full TRAINING will be 5 sessions in total. Each one MORE powerful, each one bringing you closer to the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE of a HANDS FREE Orgasm. Hear part 1 NOW and listen to the rest at


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