Dreamgasm 3 (Succubus Phantasmagoria) – Binaural Beats / ASMR Erotic Hypnosis

Listen if you dare. Good quality earphones are required!
Enter an erotic, hypnotic trance as a succession of sinfully sexy succubi seduce you then drain you of your semen, strength, and soul…
1. Intro (The Summoning and Awakening) 00:00.
2. Your First Succubus Encounter (You’re Not A Succubus Virgin Any More) 02:03.
3. Cumming To Hell 08:10.
4. Now It’s Your Turn (Every Last Drop) 11:28.
5. Summoning Chant 16:24.
6. The Handy Dandy Succubus (So Devilishly Good it can’t be Wrong, Right?) 17:52.
7. She-Wolf Succubus (Hold On For The Ride of Your Life or Death) 22:10.
8. Summoning Chant Reprise 36:25.
9. The Suffocatubus (Her Evil Private Parts Will Leave You Breathless) 37:19.
10. Is This The End? (Cumming To Hell Part II) 45:15.

WARNING: Contains sexually explicit language.


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