Feminization Hypnosis “Feminize Me”

This is a small sample of “Feminize Me” a transgender feminization hypnosis session available at http://www.hiphypno.com/. “Feminize Me” is hypnosis MP3 that can help you discover the woman inside.

“Feminize Me” is a permanent transgender feminization session. It starts with allowing you to accept your feminine nature and also to embrace it. Every time you listen to this session you are going to become increasingly more of a woman, more and more driven to complete more hypnosis sessions. Working on your subconscious mind you are going to act much more like a women, mimic all of the attributes you prefer in other women by observing and role modeling them. This session will drive you to see a therapist and also have a desire to start hormone therapy in your journey to become a woman. You will be given the self-confidence to live as a woman, venture out as a woman, and do thing that women normally do.

Warning! This full program produces a desire to become totally female both mentally and physically.


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