Feminization Hypnosis | Transgender Hypnosis

Hello all you beautiful cross-dressing and transgender women of the world, I would like to introduce my new feminization hypnosis MP3 called Feminization Hypnosis it is also a Transgender Hypnosis MP3 designed to help you transition from male to female changing your mind and transforming your body. Along with my MP3 recording of Feminization Hypnosis you will also receive a mantra that you must learn by heart and say to yourself every day to feel the full effects of Feminization Hypnosis.

I also have a Feminization Hypnosis questionnaire for you, asking about what type of clothes, lingerie stockings or pantyhose you like textures and colours as I do love to hear from all of my wonderful feminization women of the world and find out all about you using your social signals. All of these things will be sent to you once you commit to me, just click the link below and say to yourself ‘Yes I Am a Woman’ and before you know it you will step into my world. Don’t be afraid pretty girl just take my hand and I will lead you to Feminization Hypnosis.

This video was designed solely for entertainment purposes. If you have a request for a future video please feel free to leave a comment on the video or via any social signals I would love to hear from all you wonderful women of the world. Thank you for all the views and subscriptions, please keep the comments rolling in its great fun to hear from you, via YouTube or another social signal. A big kiss and special thanks to all my viewers who share my videos on Facebook and all other social signals. Thank you so much and enjoy the video. Then simply click on the link below to come and listen and learn lots more. Lipstick kisses to all you gorgeous girls x


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