Feminization Mistress | Transvestite Transgender Cross-dresser

I know you are a nervous transvestite transgender but I want you to just take my hand as I lead you into my boudoir and let me step into your mind and body and the transformation will begin. All you need to do is simply click on the link below to become my pretty woman, that female that you truly want to be, who wears silk and satin lingerie.

You love to wear panties and a bra, stockings or pantyhose, not forgetting those high heel stilettos shoes. Sissy Maids and She-Males you will find unbelievable treasures in my Sissy Maid and She-Male sections of my website. Something for everyone from CD to TV or even TS you will all feel amazing once you listen to my feminization hypnosis and see yourself more of the female you want to be with my transvestite feminization hypnosis.

Feminization Mistress will also prepare your body, soft smooth and silky hair free skin with erotic hypnosis. Eyebrows will be plucked and shaped, eyelashes tinted and curled. Ears pierced, make up on and the most dazzling array of clothes, let your imagination run wild and I will guide you with my feminization hypnosis, do not under estimate what can be achieved.

If you have never experienced this before, trust me you will love it and my feminization. Should you be transgender, transsexual or even a cross-dresser just try it click on this link now to watch and listen to lots more?

Please remember to give the video the thumbs up and subscribe. I just love your comments on my videos keep them coming http://shop.madam-raison-detre.co.uk/Forced-Feminization-Hypnosis_B24FNK.aspx


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