Fully Fabulously Feminizing Less Than Zero Masculinity (18+)

. if you DO NOT want to be ‘just one of the girls’ forever then this is not for you. the listener assumes all liability for any feminizing of yourself from listening to this. CAUTION! This will likely irreversibly feminize you and eliminate any and all masculinity you may or may never have ever had

It is advised that this be only used by self-secure, self-actualized adults who are certain of who and what they are and enjoy being who and what they are. Contains subliminals, binarels, and affirmations. This video was made for personal use and placed on Youtube to for the personal use of others. This video is not to be sold nor in any way used for profit by anyone. I may not own everything used in this video. If anybody does own something used in it and wants it removed or credited, simply contact me and I will comply accordingly.


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