FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION -Moving Forward Guided By Lilian Eden (VOICE ONLY/No background sound)

Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Intuitive/Medium, Hypnotherapist and Author.
Visit www.lilianeden.com for more information about her work and services.
Note: Cd’s and Mp3’s are available on her site.

Note: This video has no background sound only Lilian’s guidance.
*This video is for individuals who have worked with altered states of awareness and/or for those who are familiar with tapping into Source*.

Lilian Eden, internationally renowned Metaphysician, Spiritual Teacher and Author, has conducted many past-life regressions guiding people who wanted and needed to sort out problems, issues or curiosities most pressing to them in ‘this life time’. While most regressed to another time-period, there were people who through trying to move “back” realized they progressed into the future. This observation made by Lilian helped her with this particular process now called “Future Life Progression- Moving Into the Future”. The birth of this particular method has provided individuals with powerfully transformational experiences helping many move past ‘today’s’ view through new awareness.

Future progressions are safe and offers a great window to what lies ahead in and all around you. A new realm awaits you…RECOMMENDED: Lilian Eden’s “Past-Life Regression- Looking For Answers” and “New Quest: Past-Life Regression” now available on Amazon and www.lilianeden.com.

NOTE: Please do not listen to this video/mp3 while operating a vehicle/machinery. Using headphone may enhance your experience and is highly recommended.



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