Guided Hypnosis-Past Life Regression Unveil Your Previous Incarnations 111hz 372hz 396hz 444hz 777hz

This is a guided hypnosis with the intention of unveiling your past lives and giving you helpful information from your previous incarnations.

Reincarnation is an interesting subject. I am sure you have already formed your opinion, but it can be argued that it is consistent with all religions.

There is some terrific research that raises series questions and allows for the possibility of past lives.

Check out the story of the Polluck twins which seems to clearly show evidence of reincarnation of two twins in the same family.

Also check out where research is being collected of children remembering previous lives. The evidence is profound.

You do not have to believe in reincarnation for this to work. In reality transurfing they talk about the alternative space or the space of variations. This information field may contain all of the information of previous lives that you can access. This may not be you looking at a previous incarnation but traveling into the lives of others from the past. The results are mind blowing. Thousands of people around the world have used past life regression to overcome major phobias and deep memories locked in their own psyche.

The results reported from people who undertake past life regression is remarkable. True revelations and deep wisdom is available in this process.

If you have lived 100 times before, wouldn’t you want to know the information acquired in those incarnations and the wisdom within these lives?

As Vadim Zeland says in Tufti the Priestess why can’t we reclaim the knowledge from our past lives?

Using the past life regression meditation can help you develop spiritually, emotionally, and mentally and have many positive experiences. It can help you:

· Learn details about your past and connect to your life purpose
· Develop intuition and psychic abilities
· Discover your spiritual connection to loved ones
​ (living and “deceased”)
· Experience how you are an immortal Soul that is always loved and can never be harmed
· Communicate with, and receive healing energy from spiritual beings
· Gain deep insight to help you resolve issues and patterns in your life and make great progress towards your goals
· Explore how your subconscious mind influences your daily life
· Develop your mindfulness, meditation, and visualization skills
· Learn how to relax and release stress!
Past life regression can help you clear, heal, and resolve deep-seated issues within the subconscious mind which are creating blockages in your life right now.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges in the area of health, financial abundance, relationships, fulfillment, career, etc., a past life regression session can be cathartic in resolving these issues and more.

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– 777hz deep relaxation

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