Guided Past Life Regression – Hypnosis

Using hypnosis discover who you were in a past life in this guided past life regression.

Who was important to you? What did you learn from that past life? What special skills did you possess and may reclaim in this lifetime?

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Relax, explore and seek the insights from this hypnosis past life regression that has the power to transform your present life.

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I’m Peter McLaughlin, a hypnotist with ten years of experience specializing in past life and life between lives regressions to help clients release and heal old, emotional wounds.

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The work is based on great authors and practitioners of hypnotic regression such as: Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Mary LeBay and Andy Tomlinson. – offering face to face in person and Skype sessions along with pre-recorded and customized audio programs.

Music Credit: “A Soothing Caress” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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