Hacking The Hypnotic Induction: A Step-by-Step Guide by Igor Ledochowski

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In this hypnosis demonstration, Igor Ledochowski covers a step-by-step breakdown of how to perform a hypnotic induction with your hypnosis subject.

You’ll learn…

How to effectively guide your hypnosis subject’s body into an induction
How to gently shock your subjects nervous system, so that they can enter trance
How to keep your subject safe if they are a “quick responder” to trance

And much more. So take a watch of the video now.

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And it shows you everything you need to do (from A-Z) to put someone into deep trance (as in completely “out”) just a few seconds after first meeting them.

There are no goofy scripts you have to memorize.

There are no fancy props you have to make use of.

And there are no special skills or talents you have to have prior to watching the videos.

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