Handshake Induction – Instant Trance Milton Ericson Style

This Handshake Induction Video is brutal! http://www.handshakeinduction.com Notice how he is teaching covert hypnosis with tonality, embedded commands, pattern interrupts etc. John Wingert trained in NLP in the old days, and what ever you know about nlp, covert hypnosis, the handshake induction – you will get more than you bargained for from this video.

John Wingert got into NLP as a cop back in the 80’s, used his skills to free himself from the Camp Hill Prison riots he was taken hostage in, and has been traveling the world, training, modelling, and perfecting his skills for longer than most trainers have been certified.

The Handshake Induction Methods you will see in the video are priceless, simple, and effective. The ENTIRE VIDEO is a pattern interrupt and trance induction. Watch it and see. Copyright 2002.


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