How Self Hypnosis Is The KEY to Success | Marisa Peer

Prepare to dive deep into self healing with Britain’s Number 1 Therapist in this Self Hypnosis Snippet for Success 🌠 Love it? Discover more about the power of positive thinking in this Masterclass 👉

Think about your unmet needs as a child 🧒 regarding your self image…

The need to feel loved and safe, the desire to be told that your parents and peers were proud of you and glad to have you in their lives 💗

That you were a smart kid, that you had something special about you, with a special purpose in life ✨

What if we were to tell you that those unmet needs often follow us into our adulthood, where we seek others, primarily our spouses, to fill those validation voids? 💔

But what if there was a way to heal this…by truly loving yourself, and giving YOURSELF all that love that you’ve been seeking from others?

We hope this video has helped you to take a leap forward in the direction of self love and empowerment 💪

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