How To Do A Hypnosis Arm Pull Instant Induction (3 Demonstrations)

(When you perform inductions, you need a reliable way to tell if your subject is in trance. The best way is to look for signs of trance, or small changes in a person’s body language & behaviour. It’s easy once you know what signs to look for! Find out more here: – In this FREE report to 14 Signs of Trance you’ll become an ace at recognising when your subject has responded to hypnosis.)

Curious about instant hypnotic inductions?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Instant (or rapid) hypnotic inductions are a popular method of inducing trance where the hypnotist uses an element of surprise to guide the subject into a hypnotic state.

In this video, you’ll watch Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski performs 3 rapid inductions.

They happen very quickly – so make sure to pay close attention!

Here’s a breakdown of the inductions you’ll see:

1.Handshake Induction – Stage Jerk

Igor invites a volunteer on stage, welcomes him with a handshake – and BAM! He’s in trance.

As the subject goes deeper and deeper into trance Igor gives him a hypnotic gift to leave him with a positive feeling.

2. Demo 2 – Instant Induction

Here you’ll see Igor lock in the subject’s attention and bring one of his hands to the back of the subject’s head.

Next, Igor gently taps the back of the neck to guide the subject into a slightly unnatural position with his head resting on Igor’s shoulder.

Igor then places the subject in a standing position and leaves him smiling from ear to ear!

3. Igor’s “Bandler” Handshake Induction

Don’t miss Igor’s reinterpretation of the famous “Bandler Handshake”.

Starting off, the induction resembles co-creator of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler’s classic version. However, to speed it up Igor places his hand on the inside of the subject’s hand taps the subject’s forehead and closes his eyes.

You’ll also see why it’s possible to create many variations of this induction – as long as you have the principles in place they will all work!

So, what’s happening during an induction?

Essentially, you gently shock your subject’s nervous system, so you can guide their body into an induction and then into hypnotic trance.

And of course, once your subject is in a state of trance, you can make positive healing suggestions — and that’s where the real hypnotic magic happens!

Then again you’ll have to know whether or not your subject has entered a trance state.

How do you do that?

Quite simply, you check to see whether they show signs of trance. You can get instant access to all 14 signs in this FREE Exclusive Report:

Inside, you’ll also discover:

— How to identify small (but telling) changes in a person’s behavior when trance is occurring

— The surprising fact about trance that will leave you feeling confident when hypnotizing your subject, especially if it’s your first time

— The one reason why you’ll want to know these 14 signs “like the back of your hand” so your job as the hypnotist is that much easier

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