How To Hypnotize People

Have you ever wanted to know how to hypnotize people?

Have you ever been to a hypnosis show where the hypnotist makes people do incredibly embarrassing or shocking things?

Ever wished you were in that powerful position?

Well, you can learn how to hypnotize people easily because you are hypnotizing people everyday… ¬†and they are hypnotizing you as well!

First realize that hypnosis starts with the mind functions of the brain.

The brain is divided into the conscious and the sub conscious. The user can control there conscious but may not have control of there sub conscious.

If you could make their sub conscious take over, you could make them do things that consciously they would never do.

Once you have figured out how to hypnotize people into their sub conscious state, you can than use the magic of the number 17.

17 is a powerful number in the mind, it is used by advertisers on children’s stations.

A child will see a commercial many, many times, and will tell their parents. Once a parent has been told 17 times the brains serotonin level decreases to a level that calls for either purchasing the product or getting mad.

Whatever the parent does, if you get the person you are hypnotizing serotonin level depleted, it will demand a response. Use the 17 times principle wisely, because a person who is not 100% conscious and is angry could react negatively.

To hypnotize yourself or other people, you first need to understand how hypnosis works on you.

To do this and learn how to hypnotize people you will have to learn how to self hypnosis.

Once you have mastered self hypnotism keep practicing and soon you will know how to hypnotize people like the pros.

Hypnosis is a fun and a very powerful way to improve your personal self development.

As you develop your skills you will be accessing the most powerful tool on earth… the power of your mind.

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