How To Hypnotize Someone For Beginners

Learn How To Hypnotize Someone for Beginners in the world of hypnosis. Follow the 5 rules I present in this video and you will be able to hypnotize someone very easily.

Hypnosis is very easy to learn and to apply if you know what you need to do and what needs to happen to get those results.

Here are the five rules that will help any beginner to hypnotize someone fast and easy, every time.

00:37 Principle #1- The Client has to Want to be hypnotized
00:58 Principle #2 – You have be congruent
01:10 Principle #3 – No Objections
01:22 Principle #4 – Open to suggestions
01:43 Pirnciple #5 – Make suggestions real

Gear I used to shoot this video:
Macbook Pro:
Panasonic 4K Camer
iRig Lav for Iphone:
Camtasia for Mac:


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