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Learn how to move a pen with your mind from Magician Roger “Rogue” Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.

Rogue: Heather, can I borrow your pen?

Heather: What pen?

Rogue: The imaginary pen on your ear.

Heather: Oh, this pen.

Rogue: Yeah. All right, a quick demonstration, if you will, of static electricity.

Heather: [LAUGHS]

Rogue: Is that great?

Heather: Yeah.

Rogue: Static electricity, goes a long way.

Heather: Whoa.

Rogue: Okay. Here’s the explanation for moving a pen with your mind. You could use any pen. You could use a straw, a pencil. Make sure it’s round, nothing with any edges. And basically, all you have to do to move the pen on the table is, you’re actually going to blow on it. But not obviously, of course, let me explain. You’re going to pretend you’re using your telekinetic abilities. You’re going to blow on the pen while you’re bending down, while moving your hand forward.

A couple of things that I noticed that work better with this illusion is that if you’re wearing a baseball cap, it actually covers your face a little bit more. And a little bit of ambiance would help out a lot, like, if there’s music playing or you’re doing it outdoors where people won’t hear your breath as much. So, have fun and go out there and blow people away with the moving the pen with your mind.


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