Hypno Trick…The Incredible Shrinking Arm! | Ideomotor Hypnosis Session | Derren Brown Hypnotism

My initial inspiration for researching hypnosis came from seeing Derren Brown on the Jonathan Ross show back in 2002… this is what got me into mentalism (before Hypnotherapy and NLP days) and later street hypnosis.

This piece is something that might be dismissed as pseudo hypnosis, but it does actually rely on unconscious ideomotor response to suggestion – as the mind moves, so does the body!

Whilst this is presented as hypnotic ‘party trick’, it could just as easily be used in a formal hypnosis session as a illustrator of the physiological effects of thought prior to formal hypnosis induction.

And remember, kids: unconscious response to suggestion is not mind control! 🙂 Master your mind and let others master theirs!


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