Hypnosis Demo: Erickson’s 4 Key Trance Inductions

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In this fascinating video, Igor performs 4 trance induction demos.

Remember that at the core of any hypnotic induction is of course…

The ABS formula!

(Here’s a quick recap: A = absorb attention, B = bypass the critical factor, S = stimulate the unconscious mind.)

And as you master hypnosis you’ll start to notice how it’s possible to use different variations of the formula to guide your subject into trance.

And in the video, you’ll see Igor perform the ABS formula 4 times… in 4 different ways… in 4 inductions!

Watch and listen closely to hear how Igor focuses the subject’s attention either internally or externally to guide the subject into trance:

Induction 1: Igor absorbs the subject’s attention and focuses him on “nothing”.. Or is it “no thing”?
Induction 2: Igor focuses the subject’s attention on his arm and helps him connect to his unconscious
Induction 3: The subject’s attention is focused on a light in front of him.
Induction 4: Igor focuses the subject’s attention on a feeling

What techniques is Igor using to absorb attention?

— A fascinating idea
— Eye fixation (lamp shade)
— The subject’s arm
— A feeling (an internal experience)

In fact, what you’re seeing are the 4 core Ericksonian trance maneuvers…

And a truly great example of how you can adapt your induction to your subject and context!

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