Hypnosis Gone Wrong – Volunteer Spotlight – Chrystal

This is Chrystal from Texas. She might be my favorite volunteer that I’ve had on stage in quite some time.

I think the new pop song by Ava Max might have been written about her. She was really on the line of being psycho. Ok, maybe completely and totally in the realm of psycho. 🙂

But after the show, she was SOOOO SWEET and friendly and nice. A stark contrast. It was wonderful to have her on stage and in exchanging messages on social media, it is apparent she is a total sweetheart.

Come back and volunteer again Chrystal, I would LOVE to have you back onstage. I think I will choose to give you a different suggestion though! Yikes!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you….


Oh, shes sweet but a psycho
a little bit psycho
At night she’s screamin’
“I’m-ma-ma-ma out of my mind”

Oh, she’s hot but a psycho
so left but she’s right though
At night she’s screamin’
“I’m-ma-ma-ma out of my mind”

~ Sweet (but a psycho) by Ava Max

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