Hypnosis | Handshake Induction and Arm Catalepsy Pro Tips | No Trance Hypnotism (Not Mind Control)!

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When people learn hypnosis they often place a lot focus on scripts and hypnotic language, but there are other (and perhaps more subtle) skills that a good, well-rounded hypnotist needs to develop.

One such skill is quality of touch. This video looks at the use of touch in setting up arm catalepsy and also looks at the use of ‘ambiguous touch’ in the classic Handshake Interrupt hypnosis induction pattern associated with the legendary Milton H Erickson.

Formal hypnotism evolved from mesmerism (after Franz Anton Mesmer). The latter was about ‘animal magnetism’ but the idea (originating with James Braid) that it was all suggestion creating a specific state of mind (known to many as ‘hypnotic trance’) lead to ideas of mind control. We now understand hypnosis as a socio-cognitive phenomena and recognise that it is about subtle influence of belief and perceptual systems – this is the bedrock of the Hypnosis Without Trance approach.

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