Hypnotic Feminization: Feminize Me Completely

http://Keystofeminization.com , This hypnotic feminization recording, feminize me completely. is designed to install and strengthen f your inner woman. The part of your subconscious mind. that contains your identity as a woman. this identity comes from your beliefs and mindsets. about what in means to be a woman. Understanding you understand. How good it feels. To be a feminine woman. Remembering your choice. To express the qualities and nature of a woman. because being a natural woman. is expressed, in the way you talk. the way you walk. the way you express your feelings. your gestures. mannerisms and behaviour. And because you have used hypnosis. your subconscious mind can. And will. do all this with ease. Filling your mind with feminine thoughts. allowing your to feel feminine feelings. And making it totally natural for you to express yourself with behaviours. And now you were certain. Are you not. When you are certain. Knowing in your heart. This is who you are. Who you have always been. Because you remember. Remembering who you are. Who you now know you have always been. embracing your true nature. In this recording, we will be programing your subconscious mind, by installing new subconscious beliefs, so you know you are certain. You are a girl who is a woman. As you forget to remember another past, because that past as no impact. Because you subconscious knows. You grew up with a girl inside you. She is who you are now. So it now feels so natural. For you to express. the mannerisms, gestures, thoughts and feelings. that now find there expression in feminine ways. You will find you naturally have a desire. to make yourself beautiful and look feminine. feeling and behaving like the feminine woman you are. It will make you feel so good. to feel feminine and express yourself in feminine ways. My name is destiny. and I will be your guide. filling your mind. with hypnotic suggestions. and as you relax and enjoy, my words, floating into your beautiful female mind. you will experience, a wonderful transformation.


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