hypnotic Feminization: Totally Female Now

http://Keystofeminization.com , Welcome to this hypnotic feminization recording, totally female now. In this recording. I will be taking you on a journey. Deep into your female mind. Where I will be entrancing you. With my female words. So the only thought you can think. Are female thoughts. With all the words you say. Always coming out. In a playful female way. Because you now know. And very soon. You will know it more and more. You are totally female now. So before. You completely settle down. Deep into your female nature. Allow me to remind you. To remind yourself. That this recording. Is very hypnotic. In a very femininely hypnotic way. This means you will go deep. Deeper into hypnosis now. So I think it is important. Before you go very deeply into trance. That if you are doing anything. That requires your outside attention. Because I will be taking to the inside. So please listen and responded. If you are driving or operating machinery. Please stop the recording now. Or stop diving or operating the machinery. And find a quite comfortable place. Where you can relax and let go. To go deeply into trance. And when you are ready to let this happen. All you need to do. Is close you eyes. And feel yourself start relaxing. Because being relaxed is good to feed. Like the way you are feeling it more and more now. Just like you are feeling comfortable. Being totally female now. And I think you may already be noticing. That there in a pulse. Or is it a beating. In the background. And I wonder if you already now. Because it is good when you begin to wonder. To another place. And that is where the beats are taking you. Because I wonder if your wondered. If you had wondered about what they are. Because they are part of brainwave entrainment. That are helping you wonder into trance. You may even notice them slow. Because as they begin to slow. Your brainwaves they must follow. Slowing all the way down. And as your brainwaves become slower. Like they are starting to do now. Your mind wonder on the inside. Wonder all the way. Into now. Now. They are also very relaxing. Can you feel them relaxing you now. I now it is good to feel this. Relaxing deeper into trance. Because you now you like to be there. Like you like being in trance now. And you like to go so much deep. Going deep for me now. Knowing my voice it will go within. Deep down deep. Into a deep down trance. And I wonder if you remember. That trance is a state of mind. A state of mind you find dreamy and hypnotic. So hypnotically dreamy now. Feeling good to go even deep. Into being totally female now. Because she loves to put on lipstick. It is turn her who is you on. Because it makes you feel so sexy. Like the totally feminine you. Who thrills to put on make up. See the deep joy that is to great to hide. Inside you now.


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