Hypnotic Feminization

Hypnotic Feminization helps you to feel and act as a woman in society with certain triggers or phrases. Hypnotic feminization techniques are extremely useful and widely used among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals to bring out the true woman inside their bodies. I will feminize your attitude, mind and self image. You want to be that girl who is hidden deep inside you; well with hypnotic feminization is can be achievable. You want to feel like a woman, act like a woman because you are a woman. This video is just a short clip of the full hypnosis recording download mp3, which is 46 minutes long.

You will see the world as a woman and your mind is the most powerful part of you that will be hypnotized into becoming that beautiful girl you have always wanted to be bringing your dreams alive and you slip into the most delicious trance.


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