Hypnotic Guided Meditation | Past Life Regression

Just as there are three basic levels of hypnosis (light, medium, and deep), there are three basic levels of regression into a past life: sketchy, medium, and vivid.

In a sketchy regression, you will be aware of this room while also aware of certain daydreams that seem like bits and pieces. Your conscious mind may easily be questioning what is happening and if you resist these images or try to analyze them, you will very likely emerge back into the present without going any further. If you go with the flow, there is a good possibility of going into the medium level.

In a medium regression, some of the images (sights, sounds, or feelings) will seem more real, drawing you in just like a good movie. When the session ends, you will feel as though what started as bits and pieces became more real to you.

In a vivid regression, you will be drawn into the experience just as though remembering something from your present life; and you may feel some emotions.

If you’re not ready for this, please do not continue with the video.

Enjoy this journey.

Big LOVE, Rasa.

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