Hypnotic Induction Demo: Trance Training & “Body Flying”

(Taking people back to revisit their memories through revivification is a powerful hypnotic technique for healing, influence and deep trance. You can learn it with Igor’s “How To Motivate & Empower Others By Using Covert Hypnotic Revivifications In Your Conversations Program.”

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Ever had a fantasy of being able to fly?

In this video demonstration Igor Ledochowski works with one of his students to do a hypnotic demo of a deep trance induction.

First off, Igor picks a past experience that the subject has had with trance. One of the first that his subject can remember. That experience was when his parents used to read him bedtime stories – especially Peter Pan. Because he loved the concept of being able to fly.

With Igor identifying a past trance state that had a profound impact on this subject, he specifically creates an induction that fits this experience for his subject.

This is a very powerful way to get someone into a deep trance. Because a lot of the foundation has already been laid for you to continue to build on as the hypnotist.

You can “start from scratch” so to speak. But by leveraging a past experience that a subject already tells you is a powerful trance state for them, will make the session that much more effective.

So a good tip to remember when you’re working with a hypnosis subject in a hypnosis or hypnotherapy setting.

The unique part about this induction is how many times Igor brings his subject in and out of the deep trance, so that the subject can share his experience throughout this hypnotic demonstration.

Did you know, Igor says..
“Of all the hypnotic processes there are, if I had to forget everything… lose all my skills… and I only got to keep one thing… then… revivification would be it.” — Igor Ledochowski.

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