Hypnotist says “DEEP ASLEEP” and then goes into the audience…

Best hypnosis moments are spontaneous! Watch the hypnotist hypnotize all these people and then suddenly goes in the audience and hypnotizes some lady!! https://ryanjoyce.com

Is hypnosis real? The hypnotist says “sleep” and people go out!
MUST WATCH! How does hypnosis work– the mind is an amazing tool!

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Ryan Joyce is a man who wears many top hats.
Entertainer, magician, hypnotist and filmmaker.

In addition to his comedy hypnosis shows Ryan Joyce is an Ontario magician & illusionist who has appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us, Canada’s Got Talent and has over 8 million views on YouTube and Facebook. He speaks about the definition of illusion

Watch Ryan Joyce’s on Fool Us visit online: http://www.ryanjoyce.com

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Magician Ryan Joyce appeared on Season 3 episode 2 of the hit show on the CW Network with magic legends Penn & Teller called “Fool Us.” Ryan Joyce is from the Southern Ontario region (near Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton area) He performs at events from Ottawa to Windsor and in theatres around the world.

Ryan Joyce | A magician with the imagination of a filmmaker.

His filmmaking has earned over 8 million views on YouTube and Facebook with his magician videos and magic tricks. From Southern Ontario, Ryan Joyce has performed across the province, country and the world.

With over 4500 worldwide shows Ryan is a hit at corporate events and functions. His charming personality and use of comedy is woven throughout the show and enjoyable for any audience or venue.

Are you interested in becoming a magician? Here are valuable links to magician organizations with meetings and conventions:

Magician’s Organizations & Resources: International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM): https://www.magician.org/

Society of American Magicians (SAM): https://www.magicsam.com/

Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM): https://cammagic.org/

Two surprising words had this powerful impact. I’ll look for you and offer you a chair with these people next time.

Hypnotist Ryan David Joyce in Brantford, Ontario. A few unlikely scenarios happen: One gentlemen thinks he can’t be hypnotized and someone else is hypnotized right in their seat in the audience.

Laugh ’til it hurts or leaves a stain.

ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ryanjoycemagic


Hypnotist encounters someone who doesn’t think he can be hypnotized “I can’t be hypnotized” he says. Hypnotist takes his hand “deep asleep” Instantly out like a light. Someone hypnotizing someone else is completely possible. Self hypnosis is also something you can learn to help create behavior changes.

can’t be hypnotized– actually he can.

Watch: “Penn & Teller Fool Us : Magician Ryan Joyce | Fool Us Season 3 Episode 2”



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