Hypnotist Tom Silver plays hypnosis tricks on people

Hypnotist Tom Silver is a certified hypnotherapist located in Westlake Village, California. Who has treated thousands of people with miraculous results using his advanced hypnosis methods. Tom is an certified hypnotherapist that can intuitively feel the root of the problem, and remove all habits and negative thoughts and emotions. And most importantly Tom Silver is determined to find the root of the problem, and treating the core cause. You can avoid surgery, unnecessary pain and suffering, and all the major headaches and expenses!

Treating clients with fears and habits, stress, depression, headaches, and pain. Hypnotist Tom in Los Angeles has treated people with many ailments, including: emotional truama, drug and alcohol addictions, high blood pressure, focus, public speaking, fears of flying, sleep problems, sports blocks, performers fear, anxiety, health issues, weight, health, motivation, confidence, success, high blood pressure, phobias, panic disorder, eating healthy, happy, hypnosis


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