Hypnotized to Become Bodybuilders with a HILARIOUS Twist | College Stage Hypnosis Show

What happens when college students are hypnotized to think that they have suddenly become the most ripped and jacked bodybuilders in the world and yet can’t lift a simple chair off the ground?

This was a brand new routine I was testing out for the very first time to see how it would go and it went so well that it’s definitely something that I’ll be doing again for sure.

Creating entertaining experiences like these with hypnosis are so much fun and the reactions they produce in each and every show are always so hilarious! 🙂

Want to see how you or your friends would react to being hypnotized? I would love to come perform at your next event!

Contact Bass/Schuler Entertainment at (773) 481-2600 or info@bass-schuler.com for booking information.

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