Invisible Hypnotist | UNH Alpha Chi Omega Stage Hypnosis Show

Here is a fun clip from a stage hypnosis show I did for Alpha Chi Omega at my alma mater the University of New Hampshire earlier this month. Becoming “invisible” in hypnosis always brings a great reaction out of my participants. Some think that I am a ghost, some think that the stage is haunted, and some don’t know what to think when they start to see ordinary objects moving around “on their own”. Hypnosis helps make an impossible experience like this possible for people who volunteer to be a part of my show! 🙂

Want to see how you or your friends would react? I would love to come perform for your school/group!

I am a nationally certified hypnotist and I perform stage hypnosis shows like this professionally – check out for more!


Interested in booking a hypnosis show? Email me directly at for details!


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