Kellen Marson Comedy Hypnotist – Northwood, IA (Full Show)

Need a comedy hypnotist?

KELLEN MARSON is an award-winning comedy hypnotist and U.S. Army Soldier. He has done well over 1200 stage shows and has hypnotized and mesmerized more then 15,000 people. Kellen has performed for some of America’s largest corporations to include Microsoft, Sears, Kmart, Wal-Mart and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Kellen’s show is so dynamically different and the second he steps on stage you’ll finally see hypnosis the way it was meant to be. Kellen uses breath-taking displays of hypnotic phenomena, unbelievable energy and hysterical comedy to weave a truly unforgettable and high-octane show. His quick-wit, loveable charm and powerful hypnotic ability brings this old-age mystical art from kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Kellen is an awe-inspiring performer, but he’s also a dynamic entertainer and energetic performer who can get the very best out of every single on stage opportunity. Kellen’s show keeps audiences on the edge of their seats and often rolling in the aisles. If you think you’ve seen hypnotic entertainment…you may want to think again!

Kellen Marson Comedy Hypnotist offers Party Hypnotist, Stage Hypnotist, Comedy Hypnotist for parties Serving Nationwide. Available for Fairs & Festivals, Corporate Events, Private Parties, High Schools, fundraisers, Venues and more.

Among other cities, Kellen Marson Comedy Hypnotist may serve the following areas: Houston, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Miami, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Southern California, San Antonio, Chicago, Toronto, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Saint Louis, St. Louis, Austin, Brooklyn, San Diego, Atlanta, Seattle, Baltimore, Detroit, Edmonton, Indianapolis

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Phone: (715) 644-8245


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