Life Between Lives Regression – Spiritual Hypnosis and Past Life Session

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This session is for after you have experienced a number of past life regression therapy sessions, including observing the death, leaving the body and connecting with spirit guides for a life review. So you spend an extended in the ‘life between lives’ dimensions between reincarnations.

We can ask more of your spirit guide to get a bigger picture on your souls lessons across many lifetimes. We can meet members of your soul group, and request meetings with higher councils of soul guides. We can find out reasons for the lives and situations you chose to be born into.

This can help you with future lives you may take, the people you can reconnect with, and the lessons you can complete.

How To Use
1) Set a clear, written focus for your session, then drop all expectations or assumptions about what you want to or think you will experience.
2) Give yourself a totally unedited, totally unanalysed commentary of your stream of consciousness of what you actually experience, whatever that may be.
3) Create a consistent hypnosis space, where you can recline comfortably at a 30 degree angle, ideally early in the morning or late at night, around five times per week for around three weeks.
4) Listen only when it is safe to fall asleep or relax completely. Do not use while driving. Best used with headphones.

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