Lucifer Fantasy Erotic Hypnosis for Women. Male Voice Audio for Women.

Somewhere deep inside there is a fire. 🔥Deep inside. A connection to an experience. A gateway.

Down here. Deeper.

Within this male voice audio for women there is a place where you can let go and go deeper with me.

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Something came over me and I had the sudden inspiration to make an hfo hypnosis with Lucifer as the main character. Obviously there is something of a devil within me that comes through erotic hypnosis women listen to.

It is somewhere inside this sexual hypnosis for women it will allow you to carry my voice with you even after you deeply enjoy a hands free orgasm. Or not.

So close your eyes my little soul and come with me deeper into the orgasm hypnosis for women that came to me from somewhere below. In the fire.

And allow me to take your mind further and further and further down into elegant sex hypnosis for women. Into the deep.

And all you have to do is breathe in this male voice erotic audio for women and be a little devilish yourself. But you’re so good at it I hardly have to ask. Do I?

And if you find yourself drifting deeper as you listen to the devils erotic hypnosis for women this just means a male voice hands free orgasm is waiting for you in the depths.

And if you’re already beginning to feel the devil in you, remember there are other videos filled with sexy hypnosis for women on my channel.

So as you open up to this experience and open up to my voice you can allow this particular hypnosis for women to move you deeply as you dance in the fire.

And consciously you can enjoy erotic hypnosis for females as you listen to these words that enter deeper and deeper into yourself.

And unconsciously you can hear the way this sexy hypnosis for girls speaks to you on a deeper level.

And you can

Hear these words calling you to

Follow close

As you

Allow your mind to

Drift deeper into my presence


Think about the present I have waiting for you

Down here

Enjoy this hypnosis for orgasm girl. 🔥

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