Most AMAZING Experience of Your Life -Hypnosis Session- (With Sleep Trigger) Ultimate Relaxation 3

This session is designed to give you an amazing experience of total relaxation as you feel good and drift in a blissful state, free from all the worries and cares of the world.

A time where you can turn all the worries and stress off. A time you can let go and feel good.

I made 6 Hypnosis sessions the other day. I still have to edit and post them, but they are all great and well though-out. I hope you will enjoy. Here they are:

1. Hypnosis “Re-watch” themed video. Designed to give you an experience that you will want to play on repeat over and over again.

2. Hypnotic Loops. Designed to give you a powerful experience through excellent use of a potent hypnotic concept of looping and interweaving suggestions together to create a master-piece of relaxation, pleasure, and bliss.

3. Another Powerful Orgasm hypnosis session.

4. Ultimate Pleasure Experience. Designed to give you an unparalleled experience beyond anything I can adequately describe with words in this description. You’ll just have to see for yourself. ;D

5. Amazing, Timeless, Profound Connection with your hypnotist. A session designed to give you more than just an experience, but a connection with me that will last a life-time throughout all the experiences we have shared- and will share in the future.

6. Sleep Aid Hypnosis. Designed to help you get the sleep that we all need, so that you can wake up feeling fully energized and revitalized, having had an amazing nights sleep. Whereas many sleep videos on Youtube are designed just to get you to actually fall asleep, this session goes a step further in helping you to get the best sleep you’ve ever had. Amazing dreams. Wonderful relaxation. Complete revitalization. So as you wake up the next morning, you feel wonderful and ready for the day ahead of you.

Hope you are excited! Which one are you most looking forward to? Post in the comments below, letting me know, and Ill do my best to post it first.

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Thanks for watching and stay awesome!

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