MtF Transgender Hormone Booster – Feminization Hypnosis – Binaural Estrogen – WARNING POWERFUL

Carefully selected frequencies, and subliminal triggers with a scientifically proven influence on naturally occurring hormone levels combined with extremely feminizing and encouraging visuals.

This is an intensely powerful video and i would not advise you watch it properly unless you KNOW you are transgender and want to transition into a full-time woman.

This hypnosis video uses powerful techniques and the less you know the better. The subconscious part of your mind is immense in its influence and it is also very easily manipulated using science.

For best results please use headphones so as to get the full effect of the emasculating frequencies used throughout.

Please only watch this video consistently if you WANT to BE a WOMAN. I can not warn you enough.

That being said – ENJOY!!!! 😀

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