My mind blowing past life regression (One of my favorite stories to tell)

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Nicki Sutton – Spiritual Awakening channel – super informational and concise… she may be doing energy readings now as well I’ve seen recently

Phil Good & Magenta Pixie – great guides, both channel the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

Aluna Ash 9D- lots of information abt the collective and energy shifts

Journey Now – light language activations, energy readings and information

Anna Brown – inspirational!

Amanda Flaker – informational

Amanda Ellis & Cosmic Empress – favorite energy & tarot readers

Gigi Young – she’s sooo damn intelligent! Topics mostly include esoteric, ETs, psychic stuff

Abraham Hicks – for those new to the ascension journey, teaches the basics and brings people into new age spirituality in a very gentle way

Lorie Ladd – channeled messages & monthly energy information

Higher Self channel – great way to find new channels that you resonate with. Posts recent videos of miscellaneous spiritual YouTubers

Aubrey Marcus Podcast is amazing! A must listen…


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