Past Life Regression Experience: Remembering when I chose to be here

Whether or not you believe in “past lives,” past life regression is a powerful tool to unlock aspects of your unconscious mind that are greatly impacting the way you experience life. When the unconscious mind gives us scenes or visions of “other places” or “other times” they are simply other stories of how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world and give valuable insight into how to be more consciously aware and empowered in who we choose to be and why.

In my metaphysical, trans-personal psychology training years ago when we were learning to facilitate “past life regression,” I had one major intention, one major question I wanted answered: Why am I here?

That question of course snowballed into several more: If we really choose to come here, then why do I feel like I don’t belong and often don’t want to be here? What am I missing? How can I be free of this feeling and how would my life change if I actually remembered choosing to be here and why?

Fortunately, my experience was beyond what I could have hoped for and the answers to all of these questions and more was revealed to me. It was so powerful and has stuck with me, forever changing my life.

I share my full experience of connecting with another star system, another planet, and another way of life here in this video.

I often do “past life regressions” in the on-going coaching work post Life Lyft with my clients.

What keys could your unconscious mind hold for your inevitable self-realization and empowerment?


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