Past Life Regression Guided Meditation | Discover Past Lives | Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

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This is a Past Life Regression Guided Meditation. Each time you do this meditation, you may be taken to a different past life than the one previously…….

Give yourself time to understand the events of previous lives and how they impact on this life time…….Discover Past Lives!

All that you will experience in this Past Life Regression Hypnosis, you will remember in detail. After you have finished listening, write it all down in your journal for future use.

Each time you do this Past Lives Regression, when you finish, write it down…..

Maybe you will find similarities with the life you are living now? Maybe this will help you to understand the events that are happening in this life time?

For whatever reasons you are listening to this Past Life Regression Meditation; we hope it brings you peace.

If at any time you feel you may want to stop this meditation, all you have to do is slowly and gently open your eyes……

In this particular Guided Meditation you get to meet your Animal Spirit Guide as they escort you to view your previous lives!

Hypnotherapy such as this has been written about by the psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, and others.

Past Life Regression Guided Meditation | Discover Past Lives | Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

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