Past Life Regression Hypnosis – Girl enters past lives, sees her future and finds her soul’s purpose

To skip the induction, go to 17:00.

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Here’s what this client felt after her session:
“I didn’t have any experiences with hypnosis or past life regressions until Jenny did a session with me.
Before the session, I felt a little lost, I had no clue what I should do next in my life and where and how to start. Which step would be the right one for me to take?
I asked Jenny to help me ask my soul to help me figure out what’s best for me.
She made me feel so comfortable and great so that I could completely dive into the session and let go of everything. The results were amazing, I didn’t imagine that just one session already could change my view on life and give me the feeling that I can really achieve my goals.
I felt very much freed after the session. I also found out the next steps to take to reach my goals and I know now what I really have to work on myself.
I definitely can recommend Jenny to all of you especially if you have never been done hypnosis or past life regression because she will guide you through, giving you such a warm feeling and letting you connect with your inner voice and soul like you ever have done it before.”

Since we’ve filmed this video, we did a few more regressions and she registered her dream business and is moving along very well, taking steps each day to make her dreams come true.

Thank you to my beautiful and courageous friend / client who allowed me to record your powerful transformation.

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