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Past Life Regression Hypnosis client Yvonne St.-Louis, the Angel of Connection, shares her experience after her past life regression session as a testimonial.

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FREE guide to HYPNOSIS immediately by e-mail when you sign up for Steve’s …. Clarice can help you work through your emotions and remove the obstacles that are … energy therapy, chakra balancing, past life regression therapy and hypnosis. … uses suggestions made to the subconscious mind using guided relaxation, …

I am committed to the path of healing within my own life and in the world. … I am just so humbly AMAZED at testimonials my clients have shared: My 25 ….. I have been working with alternative healing methods for the past 20 years.

Marilyn has dedicated her life to spreading Adironnda’s messages here on Earth. … Her work is to assist each of us to awaken to our innate abilities beyond the five … communicating with angels, past lives, soul integration, soul families, holistic …. Lisa Serena is a St. Louis based intuitive reader and healer who has been …
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By working the workbook each and every day for thirty days, the reader comes face-to-face with …. Lorraine has written a book which explores past life regression and future life potentials. …… 95 to 98% of the mind is unconscious and acts automatically. …… 03/02/13 4:00PM – The Heart of a Millionaire with Brenda St. Louis
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Featuring author & editor, Rebecca Smith to discuss her life and work including her …… Dr. Pat talks about the upcoming Hypnotherapy and Mind-Body Resource Forum with …… A Play Date with The Ridiculous – Brenda St. Louis …… CD and MP3 Recordings for Past Life Regression, Weight Loss and Wealth Obtainment.

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